by The Peach Pits

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Split with Whine Teeth! Tapes soon through Skip, Jump Records!!!!


released February 20, 2016

Thank you to Jon Bicchieri for recording and mixing The Peach Pits side in Sterling, MA
Thank you to Al Saint Croix for recording Whine Teeth's side in Lowell, MA
Thank you to Jon Elfers for mastering
Thank you to Felix Donate-Perez the inspiration and words on the track Wells, ME((
Thank you to Nikki the Dog
Thank you to Tyler Anne Moody for the artwork
Thank you to everyone for listening to us and being our friends

Eliza Jenkins-Vocals, Keyboard
Tyler Anne Moody-Vocals
Jake Nelson-Guitar
Max Carlson-Bass, Vocals
Kevin Boardman-Drums

Jordan Hill



all rights reserved


The Peach Pits Nashua, New Hampshire

Eliza Jenkins
Kevin Boardman
Tyler Moody
Max Carlson
Jake Nelson

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Track Name: Wells, ME
spoken word intro written by Felix Donate Perez aka Foster Carrots (

The bus will arrive to Pentagon Station bus bay B
Within the next 6 minutes
Ask a stranger for a light
Inhale so fast you almost vomit
Watch carefully as your hand shakes
It's going to fall off
January bites like you used too
The bus arrives and you sit
You wake up in 7-11 buying another pack of smokes
You wake up in your living room naked
You wake up and you wear
You'll never sleep again
Dissociation is the most accessible form of public transportation
What's the quickest way out of this?

We left it in Maine
Our blood runs in Maine

Are we far gone?
Have we left what we loved?
The rose we planted here
Is dead and gone

We left it in Maine
We touched the thorns
We left it in Maine
Our blood runs in Maine

To be so naked on the brink of something bigger than we had
It scared away the ones who swore upon forever they died out
We were alive in every way we'll never love like that again
My soul was ripped in five that day and half of it never came back
Now we're doing everything to rid ourselves of shit and sin
No one ever fuckin tries to think things through while swelled with lies
The water rushes cold I'm falling under pull me out of it
The sky it opens it up and crushes all the things we set it sand
Track Name: As I Lie Awake
Follow me into abysses
Don't tell me you don't believe in witches

'Cause I'm right here

The day will come I fucking swear
I have a purpose
right as rain as bear

Inside I flare

You will never take care of me
Don't you dare breathe the air I breathe
I'm out of air
Track Name: Seeds In, Health Out (Daniel Cosgrove)
My mother
Always looks on the verge of tears
I've acquired
That same over the years

Hang me
On the mantle so I can sink
Right into
the interior and shrink

Kiss me
Track Name: Whine Teeth - Merlot
Sometimes I'm misplaced in a dim lit Lowell Mass basement
Our toes feel cold
Our souls feel old
But I feel at home in a cellar full of smoke
So sit with me on the sofa and rest your head on my shoulder
And warm my hands up again
I'll see ya soon friend
Sometimes I get fucked up and sleep on the floor and I hate the moment you close my car door
I'd rather run with you and hop on a train
And never look back again
How many stupid things can I say about the way that she smiles or the bones In her face
Cracked up with fractures
But I like them the same
Cracked up with fractures and still out of place
You left a heart shaped red wine stain on the couch in the basement in the back of my brain
You left a heart shaped red wine stain

Sometimes I get wasted in a dim lit Lowell mass basement
Our toes feel cold
Our souls feel old
But I feel at home in a cellar full of smoke with you
Track Name: Whine Teeth - Backdoor Boy
It started when the warm weather came
It started with a sin
There were two sinners to blame
For how it got away
For how the chains fell
For how it ripped out the door
And ran like hell
We did it to ourselves but we can stop it now
We both agreed
There could be no more Backdoor boy
It lasted three days
It happened the way it always does
That's because we didn't mean it when we said "no more Backdoor boy"

My life's in danger
He knows where I live and knows where to find me
I've got my brass knuckles
I've got plenty of knives
He's got his finger on the trigger
And he'll squeeze it tight
When he sees the whites of my eyes
The lights of my eyes will flicker and fade away
In a New England forest
Marking a shallow grave
There'll be a headstone and all it will say
Is "no more Backdoor boy"

It was just a regular night
You and I were drinking colt 45
He showed up with a cold 45
Works every time
Track Name: Whine Teeth - Workshop
Are you nervous and can you hear it? Beyond the racket of the workshop
A hundred thousand dusty moving parts
Gears and fans of ancient overheating computers creates a low hum
Beneath the gun you'll hear the whispering

In low tones and frequencies
Easily mistaken for the whirr of the spinning lathe
"Draw blood"
"Will you drink it if I do?"

Are you familiar with the word mutiny
Can you tell we're sounding it out
Day after day
When you deliver the bad news
Can you see it flash behind our eyes

Treat someone like an animal and they will eat you alive
Wait and see
Bring the pot to a boil